Numeria Informática

What we do

Services we provide

Numeria has extensive experience in developing corporate and departmental systems for the public sector and large private sector companies, thus having a large number of cases already released and in development.


Software Factory

The development of customized systems through a software factory has as its main advantage being totally focused on the needs of each client.
The development process begins with the identification and gathering of the client's requirements. Critical success factors are a good understanding and high level of detail of the problem that needs to be solved, as well as the ability to manage the changes that may occur during the project.


Consulting Services

Numeria has extensive experience in systems consulting and works in the areas of information technology management and information systems projects, including aspects related to infrastructure, technical architecture, auditing and security, database, specification and definition of functionalities, development and approval of solutions.

The company has a permanent technical team and a network of integrated consultants, consisting of professionals with degrees in different areas of knowledge and with specialization, master's, and PhD programs. These consultants have extensive professional qualifications resulting from the exercise of relevant positions or functions, and also from participation in projects, studies, and research in the public and private sectors and third sector organizations.



Microsoft.NET is a high-productivity platform for building systems that has many tools, such as ASP.NET.